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Lotusphere Idol: Andy Pedisich

The competition was insane at Lotusphere Idol today. There were 5 contenders (I'm throwing myself in there and removing the 'plants') that each brought to the table something amazing and unique. I honestly didn't envy the judges one bit as they had to pick from some really great and diverse ideas. In the end, and something that I totally agree with (he ROCKED it) Andy was named the first Lotusphere Idol!

Andy, who works with my former boss and the person who really expanded my mind in Domino development (whether he takes credit/blame for it or not) - Rob Axelrod - at Technotics, is going to be putting together a must-see presentation for those of you looking to upgrade your environment to ND8!

As for my submission, it's still alive... sorta. I plan on writing the would-be-presentation as an article and getting it out to anyone who'll listen. Hopefully it'll reach the masses and prove as useful as it does with me - which was my main motivator for the submission (the close-second being that I'm an ASW!).

Tonight, however, I'll be attending the Lotus Leadership Reception - from at IL MULINO - so if you're going to be there, say hi!

Chris Toohey @ Lotusphere Idol - by Chris Bryne

Also - a wee note to Chris - don't shoot a fat man from below!!!

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