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DirLint... IBM's XSD schema missing?

Helping an admin-friend use the latest features in the LND 8.0 toolset, and came across dirlint - which aside from having NO documentation (typical, I know) is supposed to point out inconsistencies in the Domino Directory. Great... if it worked!

Maybe I'm just missing something, but I can't open IBM's XSD schema (that's generated by the dirlint task) and is said to reside at the following address: commonbaseevent1_0_1.xsd

Thus, I get an unformatted XML stream which, while you can sift through it and get some information, really isn't ideal! Are we doing something wrong here?! If the XSD is offline, anyone know where it might be found?

And I full-well expect this entry to be the top hit for "dirlint" searches once Google indexes it, since the only things out there are fluffer What's new in this release-marketing pieces, ID204 which gives some details on what is does... just not what to DO with the output (unless I missed something there), and... that's about it really. Anyone out there have ideas/details/etc.???

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