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Changing XPage Content-Type via Query String Parameter

IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPages Here's a simple trick that you can use to conditionally set the rendered Content-Type of a given XPage via Query String Parameter. By default, XPages render as text/html. With this simple change to your XPage Source, well, you'll be able to change that to text/plain or something like application/ms-excel!

Simply add the following to your XPage via the Source Panel:

    <![CDATA[#{javascript:var ct = context.getUrlParameter("content-type");
     if (ct == "") {
        var ct = "text/html";

With this afterRenderResponse XPage attribute added, you can now control the rendered Content-Type via a URL Query String Parameter.


IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPage rendered as 'text/html' Content-Type


IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPage rendered as 'text/plain' Content-Type

Of course, this still loads all of the Theme-generated content and Dojo libraries. To stop that, you'll want to use a non-rendered XPage like I do in my One-click Microsoft Excel (or Symphony Spreadsheets) via XPages and SSJS example.

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