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Is there a need to 'blog' anymore?

Will write for bananas... If you're not following me / connected to me on any of the major social networking sites that're out there today, you might think that I've gone dormant. But in truth, I post on average 8 times per day including links to various resources covering gamification, user interface and user experience design, learning web development technologies, and more.

Most of my posts on have been full-length articles on IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPages application development, or links to other media (recorded webinars, Google+ Hangouts, etc)... which begs the question: should I be running this site as a blog, or something more?

I have a few ideas brewing that I'm not quite ready to divulge just yet, but I'm considering making this site more of a developer resource vs. a personal weblog.

And since I've always said that this site is more yours than mine, I'm curious as to what you think -- so please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts below.

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