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Started in 2002, this site has evolved from personal blog featuring the occasional "tips and tricks" post to resource for application developers. Featuring articles, tutorials, interactive demos, and more - is an ever-evolving home for enterprise application developers who want to keep track of the latest trends and techniques.

The goal of this site - simply put - is to help you become a better developer.

About The Business specializes in mobile and web application development for enterprise and consumer technologies and platforms. Combining decades of experience with next-gen techniques, we help our customers future-proof their current development projects while leveraging the most of their existing technology investments.

Here is a brief list of products and services:

  • IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Development

    Our core strength, ICS (IBM Collaborative Solutions) / IBM Lotus Notes Domino client, web, and mobile application development is what we do best.

    We offer systems and usage analysis, help create "quick win" strategies to jump-start Modernization and Mobilization development projects, create corporate branded themes and development guidelines, and more.

  • Google App Engine Development

    Google App Engine (GAE) is an excellent platform for quickly creating web-accessible applicaitons, and our customers benefit from our years of experience writing both corporate and consumer apps. Our customers use GAE as a rapid servicing platform, so it's perfect whether you need a stand-alone application using Google-fueled OAuth so you can easily collaborate with your customers and business partners or you need a web services-surfaced backend for your mobile/SaaS applications.

  • Development Training and Mentoring

    Our Mentoring practice is simply a byproduct of more than a decade of technical writing, classroom education, and public speaking. Offering direct-to-developer and corporate packages, our goal is to make you a Guru.

  • Adaptive Engagement and Gamificaiton

    Need to onboard your new hires or educate your current employees on new business practices, our Adaptive Engagement practices can deliver without the need for costly classroom training. Leveling-up your users allows them to learn while doing, making them productive from their first day. Our Gamification practices allows management to incentivize employees and drive even further productivity in the workplace.

For more information about products and services offered by - including prices and availability - check out the Marketplace!

About The People

This site, founded (and primarily run) by Chris Toohey, features some of the leading subject matter experts in the enterprise application development industry. While each contributing author has their own profile page (while includes bio and links to their publications), here is a brief introduction to the top contributors and those who work makes this site possible:

  • Author
    Chris Toohey
    Founder / Webmaster
  • Author
    Erskine Harris
    Development Consultant

See our Meet the Authors section for more information on our contributors (and to find out how you can join us and contribute to the site).