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Showtime: Blackberry Enterprise Server Push Utility for the Lotus Notes Client - Release v0.1

After some much appreciated feedback from those of you who contacted me interested in testing the "alpha" release of this Lotus Notes Client utility, I proudly present Showtime!

Showtime, my Blackberry Enterprise Server Push Utility for the Lotus Notes Client, allows you to create Jobs for individual Channel, Message, and Browser Content Pushes, as well as allows you to delete Pushed Channel Icons from defined recipient devices.

For more information, check out the following demo video I put together which'll give you a better idea on exactly what I'm talking about.

A few pre-reqs that came up during the initial rounds of testing..

  • Since I wrote this in 8.0.n, I think you'll need at least an v8.n Lotus Notes Client.
  • That Lotus Notes Client needs to be able to connect to your BES server via HTTP.
  • You need to sign the NotesDatabase.
  • You need to define the BES server HTTP and Push information in the Showtime Preferences NotesDocument.
  • You need to have BES WAP Push Access Protocol (PAP) enabled.
  • Since you can either use the SMTP address or the device PIN as the recipient... you need to have a recipient Blackberry Device.
  • ... and that's about it, really.

Showtime v0.1 Download

This application will be used in many of the upcoming wireless/WAP/MDS/Mobile Application Development with Domino stuff that'll be covered on this site in the upcoming weeks. If you're a BES shop, download this utility today and start pushing Icons onto your devices and sending click-and-launch Messages via the BES Push to boost not only the user experience with your Domino applications, but also enhance your Blackberry Device user experience. Y'know - like Lotus Notes - they do more than Email...!

A special note of thanks to Brent Thornton of RIM who really helped me get a handle on the BES Push API and just what it could do... and then proceeded to answer every annoying question I could think of both blindingly fast and without condescension. You helped a n00b understand what turned out to be an amazingly powerful feature in and an opportunity to extend the Blackberry environment. It is greatly appreciated!

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