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xCopy v0.2 - OS xcopy Client for Lotus Notes

A better description, and a MUCH smoother process overall, v0.2 of xCopy comes with the following enhancements from the original:

  • xcopy via Java Agents and Script Libraries
  • Transaction Log documents via Java Agents and Script Libraries.
  • Can now handle multi-thread large file xcopies.

And that's about it! Not a major release from a feature perspective, but certainly a major overhaul as I've ported the actual functional Agents from LotusScript to Java... with Tim's help of course!

New/first-time xCopy downloaders just download, sign, and go! v0.1 users: download, sign, change to a Design Template, change the extension from .NSF to .NTF, and run Replace Design!

Download xCopy

If you have a need to either manually or automatically copy defined files to a defined target location, this is the app for you! If not, download it if for nothing other than a very simple example of Java Agents and Script Libraries. Feedback and feature requests appreciated.

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