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My Blackberry Enterprise Server Push Utility for the Lotus Notes Client, allows you to create Jobs for individual Channel, Message, and Browser Content Pushes, as well as allows you to delete Pushed Channel Icons from defined recipient devices.

Time Tracker
The idea is simple. At the start of your day - upon completion of your first task - create an entry highlighting what you did and whether you feel it was an efficient or inefficient use of your time. Based on several requests, you can also select the priority, apply categories, or even align your time against a project.

For Lotus Notes Client v8.0 and above, you can use the Time Tracker Widget to make this process even easier!

My Configuration-based Rich Text Mail Merge and Emailing Utility, Zephyr allows you to create rich, data-driven emails to support automated workflow - all via Microsoft Word Mail Merge-like architecture. Dear <firstname> allows you to personalize each email message not only to the individual recipient, but also to the individual application workflow event!

xCopy is a simple configurable xCopy client for the Lotus Notes client. By creating and defining xCopy Profiles, you can batch process your file backup or remote upload jobs. With the addition of the xCopy sidebar widget, you can easily kick-off these jobs, and modify both the xCopy Profiles and xCopy itself.

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Lotus Technical Information & Education Community

The Lotus Technical Information & Education community is comprised of IBM, business partner, and customer subject matter experts who use product wikis, published articles, white papers, community blogs and the latest in social media to build and share high quality technical content. - Open Source Community for Lotus Notes Domino

OpenNTF is devoted to enabling groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release them as open source.

developerWorks Lotus : Wikis

Share your deployment experiences and best practices in our wikis and help IBM to create scenarios for successful deployments. Contribute to the community by collaborating on shared content and leverage the shared knowledge from that community.

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Focused on being the go-to resource for the IBM Lotus Notes Domino developer, delivers introductory-level best practices and advanced development deep dives for the IT professional, book and gadget reviews, and technical weblog, and more!

2013 Predictions

01/14/2013 10:44:00 AM by Chris Toohey 2013 Predictions!

2013 promises to be an amazing year for the advancement of certain technologies, and I truly think the end of others. Here are some of my predictions for 2013 for IBM Notes and Domino, trends in enterprise and consumer technology, and more.

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Responsive Layout Frameworks for IBM XPages Application UI - Slidedeck

12/12/2012 03:37:26 PM by Chris Toohey

In case you missed today's XPages Experts Panel, here's my slidedeck from "Responsive Layout Frameworks for IBM XPages Application UI" session:

(I'll be recording this for my YouTube Channel shortly, as the slidedeck only tells half of the story...)

HTML5 Geolocation and Canvas IBM XPages Custom Controls Demo

07/10/2012 01:34:00 PM by Chris Toohey

HTML5 Geolocation and Canvas IBM XPages Custom Controls Demo After creating various HTML5 Custom Controls for my IBM XPages application development toolkit, I thought I would showcase two of these controls -- Geolocation and Canvas -- to paint a Google Map of the current user location. Bonus: works great on mobile devices too!

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Review and Giveaway: XPages Extension Library from IBM Press

06/04/2012 02:29:00 PM by Chris Toohey

(This was the first time I've used the Vendor - Commercial disclaimer on one of my posts... Not too sure if it's a perfectly accurate description tho, so mind the intro to the review/giveaway.)

XPages Extension Library: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Next Generation of XPages Components I was one of the technical editors for the latest XPages development book from IBM Press: XPages Extension Library: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Next Generation of XPages Components... so I might be a little biased. As such, I'm not going to "review" this book, as much as I'm going to discuss it -- using my typical review format -- and let you make your own decision. For what it's worth (spoiler alert!), I'd absolutely recommend this book. It's an invaluable resource for any developer using the IBM XPages development platform as of 8.5.3 Update Pack 1, or even previous versions with the Extension Library installed. I was paid to act as one of the technical editors on the book, and the majority of the feedback I provided to the authors resulted in updates to the book. Things like "great, but an example of this showing this would really help" or "this example is kinda out of context without the rest of the XPages XML markup showing exactly how they can do it".

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I looked at this book not as someone who has been developing in XPages prior to it's 2008 in-product release, I read the book as someone new to the Extension Library and somewhat familiar with XPages... and someone that would actually have to use these Controls to duplicate functionality for their Lotus Notes Client applications while extending (or in some cases, evolving) those applications to meet their user expectations of what enterprise-level web applications can do.

Hopefully that gives you an idea, at least, into my role in this book. Not all of my suggestions were taken -- as I'm certain not all of my suggestions were good -- but both the authors and the technical editors (of which I was one) did their best to create a product that not only showcased the capabilities of the technology, but also gave you something that you could actually use in your day-to-day application development efforts.

Again, spoiler alert, I think they succeeded. Again, I might be biased. But then I don't think you really care if I am biased, as long as I keep to the previous format... which I think gives you enough insight into the book to know whether it's something you'll want in your own arsenal.

... and with no further ado...

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IBM XPages headTag HTTP Headers for iOS Webclip Applications Icon Sizing

05/21/2012 03:37:00 PM by Chris Toohey

One of my favorite tactics for deploying a mobile device application is via mobilized XPages applications. Sure, there are situations which call for an actual local device application that interacts with Domino via Web Services or XPages (as a Web Services broker), but sometimes having a simple XPages-based Form and View for an application is all the business logic and real world use scenario requires. In other words, sometimes faking it gets the job done.

For those situations where your mobile device users will have absolute connectivity (think internal shop floor with wireless network access), or you're really only testing out the mobile device application adoption for your internal applications (those proof of concepts before you invest too much time and resources for what ultimately might not be used by the target user audience...), the iOS (and Android for that matter) webclip icons will help make your mobile browser-friendly application look and feel more like a local on-device application.

Now, I've talked about this in the past (reference: Adding custom iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Web Clip Icons to your IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPage Apps), but using an apple-touch-icon HTTP LinkHeader allows you to provide a simple icon for your webclip applications. However with the advent of larger resolution retina displays from Apple, those paltry 57x57 pixel images just won't cut it.

Here's a breakdown of the iOS Application Icon sizes that are now available...

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