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Happy New Year!

Few quick mods on the site in time for the new year - updated the About document (as well as it's position on the above menu), and added some Google Ads to the site. I've got a few more items to share with you all, both Client and Web development efforts that I'm currently working on - we'll see when I can get them online though, as client work and other commitments have me otherwise engaged.

For those interested in my ongoing Zune usage - things are going surprisingly well! After a few hacks, including getting the Zune to act as a Plug-and-Play 30GB External Hard Drive, I'm enjoying it more and more! (For other Zune-related fodder can be found here). Moving away from Yahoo! Music was a pain however, as I'm now back to downloading and rebuilding playlists. Zune Marketplace however has the same type of monthly-pass access to their music library, at $15.00 USD, so it's not like I'm *losing* anything in the long run. I was already looking for an alternative to Yahoo! Music, as I keep running into issues with it... but that's a story for another time.

Wow - ok, I want to comment on several things right now as I'm working about 50-50 on both Fat Client development and Web Development... but I want to get things down properly before I babble on as they could be some pretty good discussion topics and (and I say this humbly) could really help some developers out there... but alas, the day grows older and I gotta jet!

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