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Chris Toohey, perhaps best known from, is an award-winning HCL Notes Domino and XPages developer, technical author, and community advocate. Chris brings over 20 years of experience with ICS products to the global community of IT professionals through both online and "real world" evangelism. Evolving in tandem with the greater online community, his prolific participation in the IBM LDD forums publically addressing business partner and customer needs transitioned to leveraging enterprise and consumer social networking. As the lead for multiple projects ("Showtime" even being showcased by RIM during several WES presentations), former Lead Community Advocate (non-IBMer) for the IBM Lotus Technical Information and Education community, one of the first "Remote Residency" authors for multiple IBM Redbook Wikis, and an independent consultant, Chris has established himself as a "go-to" resource for customers, business partners, IBMers, and HCLites alike.

Chris has presented for The View's admin2010 & developer2010 and various Lotus User Groups, was named the 2009 Blogger of the Year, an IBM Champion for Lotus/ICS 2012, and -- on most evenings -- can be found writing "Best Practices" material for the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Developer.

In 2009, Chris was named "Blogger of the Year" for, a Lotus portfolio-themed content aggregator.

In 2010, Chris was named the Lead Community Advocate (non-IBM) by IBM's Lotus Technical Information and Education Community. Later that year, he was awarded the Outstanding LTIE Advocate Award.

In 2011, Chris was named an IBM Champion for the Lotus Domino product portfolio, one of the "first 50" globally recognized subject matter experts. is powered by IBM Notes Domino XPages & hosted by Prominic.NET

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