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Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, Google Sync, and my Blackberry Bold -- making me more proficient?

Google Sync As part of my New Year's Resolution, I'm planning on using the tools that I have available to me to become more proficient in my day to day. See - I'm tired of "working harder", and want to "work smarter"! One of the first steps is to use my Lotus Notes calendar to manage my life. The problem is, life doesn't often happen (or need me to manage it) while I'm solely at my laptop. This is where my Blackberry Bold comes in, as it allows me to manage things while on the go! This, however, only lets me meet half of my need, as the majority of my schedule deals with people or events outside of my Lotus Notes environment. (Trying) to meet that need, I'm using a product from Google called Google Sync. It allows me to synchronize my Blackberry Bold calendar (which is actually my Lotus Notes calendar) and my Blackberry Address Book (which is already synchronized with my Lotus Notes Personal Address Book) with their Google counterparts.

So far, no complaints! I'm able to access my calendar and contacts while in Lotus Notes, on my Bold, etc. as well as delegate/provide access to non-Lotus Notes collaborators (such as my wife).

If you use a Blackberry and the Google Calendar and Address Book services, I'd definitely recommend checking Google Sync out!

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