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Lotusphere Idol: Integrate with ANYTHING (My submission abstract)

Track: Developer

Integrate with ANYTHING: Writing your own Domino Web APIs for Integration with 3rd-Party Solutions

In this session we will explore the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino data management capabilities that will allow us to write custom APIs for integration with 3rd-Party Solutions. How many "Notes shops" are already using Cold Fusion, PHP, and other technologies in-house but are not integrating these solutions with their Domino application portfolio? With a review of just what is available to all Domino Developers from R4.6 to ND8, I will showcase real-world examples and suggested architectures that will allow custom application development that facilitates Domino data management. Create a simple Cold Fusion form for updating customer contact information that's housed in your Lotus Notes-based CRM solution. Create a Flash-based banner advertisement that dynamically updates your Domino-based Marketing Campaign management application. Allow PHP to query and display, in a completely secure architecture, data metrics from Domino databases. This session will come packed with both methodologies that can be applied to further utilization of the IBM product catalog (and it's integration with current technology investments) as well as real-world examples that attendees can immediately begin implementing once their jet-lag wears off!

... We'll see where this goes. It's a great idea (Lotusphere Idol that is) and while I'd love to be a part of it, I'm not getting my hopes up!

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