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Lotus 911 - Absolutely Brilliant!

I remember a while back having an idea for a new OpenNTF project - and by some amazing bout of luck I happened to be able to recruit/beg-up some of the most brilliant minds in the Lotus community. Sadly, I don't think I was in a good place to even participate in an OpenNTF project let alone attempt to Chef one that had so many amazing and talented individuals. I can remember saying, at the time, that it was like I was building a dream-team for the project. I bring this up, because this is exactly how I feel about Lotus 911! They have, and day-by-day are continuing to get, some of the most amazing and talented individuals in the - or any - industry. The great thing is - and this is where we part ways - they're doing something with their talent pool!

Now, I should confess that I haven't met or spoke with anyone at Lotus 911 that I haven't absolutely liked and certainly respect - even that NTF character - so I'll admit that I could be biased here.

Simply put, what I've seen coming out of that office in Georgia is arguably some of the best and most innovative work in our industry. It's the advanced usage of the technologies that we all have and work with every day, and done in a way that more "brings us along" instead of "leaves us behind" - we're being shown just how applied powerful forward-thinking can be! It's also not abstract utilizations - it's stuff that we can all use in our applications today and in the future regardless of your given vertical or industry.

And today, as I was lucky enough to hear via an IM from Nathan, I see just how far Lotus 911 is willing to go to embolden and foster the Lotus community - the timely release of

Here's the 30-second version of my blatherings - if you're lucky enough to attend this Lotusphere, I suggest going to the Lotus 911 booth (Booths 235-236) - camp out and suck in the brilliance (and I'm not talking about an unnatural coloring glow of sorts). If you see any Lotus 911 employee as a speaker at a session, be in the front row. If you can't make it down to Orlando this year, get over to and get involved. Lotus 911 has been - and continues - to assemble the Lotus community dream-team, and for those of you lucky enough to catch a sneak peek and just what's up their sleeves... wow!

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