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Undocument Command Documented: ExpandNameList



The following Formula returns a list of SMTP Email Addresses for the members of the "LocalDomainAdmins" Group.

~names := @ExpandNameList("Domino/Server":"names.nsf"; "LocalDomainAdmins");

 n := 1;
 n <= @Elements(~names);
 n := n + 1;
 addrs := addrs : @NameLookup( [NoUpdate] ; ~names[n]; "internetaddress")


Returns a multi-value text list of members of the specified group from the specified Server and Domino Directory.

Note: This @Function has been undocumented since Release 5.


@ExpandNameList(servername : notesdatabase ; groupname)


  • servername

    Text. Specify the target Domino Server for your query.

  • notesdatabase

    Text. Specifiy the target NotesDatabase for your query.

  • groupname

    Text. Specify the target Group, by name, for your query.

Return value

  • valuelist

    Text list. A multi-value text list containing members of the queried Domino Directory Group. No value is returned for unmatched Groups. To display the return values in a dialog box using @Prompt, enclose this function in an @Text function.


@ExpandNameList cannot be used in form selection and view column formulas.

This simple function can be used to return a members list of a specified group. Since the members list returns as a simple text list, you can use that return value as you like! The above example shows this function in combination with the @NameLookup, which we use to return the internetaddress values for all members in the LocalDomainAdmins group.

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