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Site News: What to expect in the next few weeks!

Greetings Constant Reader! I thought I'd take a few moments to fill you in on my plans for the upcoming weeks. Nothing as boring or self-serving as a site redesign (although I think that is in order once I get some of the bigger items in the list checked off), and there's one rather large item on my list that I can't really get into just yet...

But I'll worry about that later - let's just jump right into it!

  • Public Build Projects

    Yeah, once I complete the Event Calendar, these will make sense... but I plan on doing an entire series of DIY builds, documenting various stages in the development cycle ala Bob Vila: show enough to get someone going, fade to black, and when you come back all of the grunt work is complete! Based on feedback I've already gotten from the Event Calendar builds, it sounds like this is a winner already. So, expect more projects!

  • Product Reviews

    This will go far beyond stuff like "My Gadgets", and more into quickie-to-deepdive overviews into technologies that we should know about. From development toolkits, vendor solutions, business partner solutions, and other things that - quite frankly - pique my interest. My thoughts are "If I want to know about it, you might be interested as well!".

  • Interviews

    As the old saying goes, "Membership has it's rewards". I've been doing this - blogging about technology, mostly specific to IBM/Lotus technologies - since 2002 (or 2003, I dunno, it's been a while). In that time, I've met a lot of amazing and talented people. I plan on bugging them. I am not proud. ;-)

  • Products

    Something's gotta pay the bills, right? Well, I intend on making a few fleshed-out products available for purchase on the newly formed BleedYellow Marketplace. Nothing bank-shattering, but I'd love to be able to cover the annual costs of a Vimeo membership, etc.

  • (eventual) Move to ND8.5

    I prefer to give you something that you can use today. Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 rocks, and you can do some absolutely amazing things with XPages, Themes, and Server-Side JavaScript... but how many of you are actively running 8.5 in production? I plan on moving toward 8.5 as my primary release for the content of this site, but to be honest I think it's too soon. Doesn't mean I won't pepper the stew with occasional ND8.5 content, of course.

So that's the short list.

There is one other item on the list that only a handful of people know about - more because I want to get that going fullsteam ahead before I mention it (and have my schedule require that it stagnate in a corner somewhere)... but the feedback that I've gotten from the idea makes me believe that it will be an absolutely awesome community episodic... thing. Yeah, I don't want to say too much there...

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