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Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7 - PACKT Publishing January 2006 - First Impressions

Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7 - PACKT Publishing January 2006 The UPS guy dropped off my copy of Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7, compliments of PACKT Publishing. And, due to several chores that were still on my list, I didn't get a chance to look at the book outside of removing it from it's wrappings until 10:30PM last night. Starting from the beginning of the book, I began looking over the Table of Contents (so I could get an idea of exactly what I should expect from this book), and read an outstanding Foreword from Katherine Emling, a Development Manager on the IBM's Domino Server team, afterwards I moved onto the first few chapters. The chapter on Domino Domain Monitoring (or DDM) was actually Chapter 3 in the book (and can still be downloaded in PDF format here ).

Before I realized it, my wife called down from the bedroom telling me it was after 1AM, as I had been reading nonstop and was already well into chapter 4 (which details LND7's advancements with AdminP). My first impressions of this book is that it was written by non-pocket protector wearing individuals in the technology field who, like all of us Dominoids, love the technology discussed in the subject matter. My current opinion (I'm on chapter 4, at the time of this publishing) can be lifted from that foreword:

This book is aimed squarely at these two tasks. It reviews all the major new features in Notes/Domino 7, the latest release of this product, and pays special attention to functionality that presents special upgrade considerations. The book also offers a wealth of useful upgrade information including processes and procedures, points to consider, examples, and guidelines. This information isn't the result of some classroom exercise or hypothetical guesswork; instead, it reflects the hands-on experience of veteran Notes/Domino professionals - people who have worked directly with customers to help them with their upgrades and deployments, who have collectively worked with and written about notes/Domino for years. And although this information is intended to help you upgrade to notes/Domino 7, much of it is general enough to apply to nearly any Notes/Domino upgrade. Therefore this book should be useful for years to come.

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