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Nomination Submitted for LO-8001-R01: Best Practices for Building Web Applications for Domino 8

I've just completed a nomination form for a new Redbook residency: LO-8001-R01: Best Practices for Building Web Applications for Domino 8. We'll see how it goes - but if anyone (any IBMers, for instance) that know how this process goes and can give me some hints/guidance/suggestions/etc. please email or comment away!

As for LO-8001-R01 itself; I think a Redbook that really delved into expanding the architecture and development of Domino web-based solutions (as well as the intergration with other [read: 3rd-party] technologies) would be an invaluable read. Hopefully LO-8001-R01 bypasses the "Hey kids, let's talk about how you can use webdav to import Dojo/Mootools/YUI/et al into a Domino application container!" and instead directs its focus on the architecting of LAN/WAN/Extranet solutions that not only utilize current technology investments, but teach the methodologies behind understanding which technologies that you should push to adopt and utilize and recognizing the extended and "out-of-the-box" capabilities of such solutions when brewed with an eye towards best practices.

We'll see! Regardless of whether I get the privilege of putting my two cents in for LO-8001-R01, I'm looking forward to it!

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