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Theme Week: Domino Document Management - Architectures and Solutions

I've been doing a lot of week recently with facilitating the management of Domino database content via non-Domino web solutions: Cold Fusion, PHP, Flash and even plain-old HTML. It's the idea that treating Domino and the front-end of your choosing like you would treat mySQL and PHP (for example) which has allowed me to develop some interesting application interfaces and solutions that you wouldn't normally envision maintaining it's data in a Domino container.

And don't get me wrong, sometimes it's not about functionality as much as it is about data and environment security - I have often stumbled across many an interesting for-company-eyes-only document (the resumes, SSNs, and other information of potential hires at one rather large local organization comes to mind) as a result of a Domino developer putting a sign-up form on a public website. In the aforementioned case, I was able to remove the form?openform from the URL string and view all information in the database. Not good at all! ...and before you argue that it was the developers fault, the ACLs... blah blah blah - sometimes you don't want to have a security breach just because one admin or developer got lazy and didn't double-check the ACL - you can go as far as to fire the lazy employee who's lack-of-lockdown ultimately led to the breach, but that ain't gettin' Betty Lou's SSN back from the Blackhat who's now opening a line of credit in her name. For this, the initial architecture of the solution plays just as important (if not moreso) of a role in securing data than something as single-point as a database ACL.

So it's with these (the want to better functionality, and the need to architect better, more secure solutions) that I announce this site's going to have a Theme Week: Domino Document Management - Architectures and Solutions. This week, (or longer, as required), I will delve into some nonstandard methods that can produce some pretty amazing results. I plan on having at least one new article on this site by week's end, and I might have a few thematic guest bloggers to help drive the point home.

Expect the posts to be frequent (>1 per day), and detailed - hopefully not too dry - but chock-full of usable solutions and mind-expanding architectures that will have you thinking about what technology would be best to integrate into your Domino environments.

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