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Project Dauth: XPages FTW!

... let's just hope 
this build doesn't go the way of Jek Porkins! Based on feedback today I received across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I've come to a decision with regard to Dauth -- my IBM Lotus Notes Domino Oauth-like Authentication Utility -- that I wanted to discuss with the community at large, and document as part of this Public Build. That decision is to develop Dauth with XPages versus traditional (read: pre-Lotus Notes Domino 8.5.1) Design Elements and techniques.

I could have gone either way with this to be honest, and the reason that I asked the community for advice on the approach to use for this application -- which I hope to eventually publish to -- was simple: I went back and forth with my want to develop at the front of the curve and the fact that doing so would potentially alienate those IT professionals in Notes Shops that haven't been able to upgrade to the latest versions of IBM Lotus Notes Domino.

In the end, it was words of wisdom from my wife combined with a jaw-dropping weigh-in from Chris Whisonant:

@christoohey if u don't make it xpages only, then make sure it works with only IE6 too... ;) #MakeEmUpgrade

Kinda put the whole thing in perspective...

So I will be diving into developing both the Lotus Notes Client UI and the Lotus Domino HTTP API for Dauth via XPages, SSJS, and Themes. I'll keep the build as public as possible via screencasts, quick audio clips, and of course posting updates to the site. For those interested, stay tuned!

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