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Rapid Fire Updates - Sunday Edition

Here's a few rapid-fire, totally random updates!

  • Disney is opening an American Idol... ride of sorts. I wonder if they didn't get the idea from Lotusphere?!
  • I'm looking for a video screen capture/podcasting solution... for the PC (a Mac is in my future, just not right this minute). As with anything, the free-er the better! Suggestions can be left here (preferred, as we can all share-the-love), or emailed!
  • FCKeditor 2.5.1 - so many options, so touchy (the URL logic is enough to drive the most seasoned DHTML developer batty...), but so worth it! The CMS that I'm currently working on - and that's not Project: Yellowcake, which I'll be babbling about all this week - is really coming together as a result of FCKeditor implementation.
  • I wonder if the guys at Microsoft, specifically the SharePoint team, are behind stuff. like. this.
  • On a personal note (and I'll spare you any pictures)... the toenail on my recently broken toe finally fell off. If you've never had this happen, it's a little unsettling. If you've never had this happen but have seen The Fly... it's downright horrifying!!
  • This site is apparently hot lately, or so says (which rocks BTW!!). You guys like the updates lately?!?
  • And lastly - for those of you who like Mashups... Tunes at Good Blimey!!

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