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Have had a few things on my mind... specific and not-specific to the work I'm doing with Yellowcake, so here's some questions, comments, and babblings:

  1. Is there any reason that you can think of that you would not want to create a Full-Text Index for a database if it meant said database could be fully web-enabled with no customizations to it's design?
  2. There's Domino Applications and Domino Databases...
  3. ... that being said, everything that we do is basically moving text around. Whether that text is markup of a sort that builds the rendering engine for your applications or the actual data stored within!
  4. The best thing that you can do is share your idea with like-minded people. Don't be intimidated, worried, or afraid your IP will walk...
  5. If you have to worry about said person walking with something you're sharing with them... why do you even speak with them?
  6. How many of you are into Video Podcasts? Do you prefer Audio-only? Could care less either way?
  7. 16 Processor Ticks and <1 second renderings are great... but if you're new-hotness shows an Agent Done when something goes wrong, you're not finished!

That last one should tell you - I'm not done with Yellowcake. I'm currently working on some things, including accounting for PUT and DELETE HTTP methods (calling Yellowcake a REST API without such support is apparently a misnomer otherwise). I'm already giving you the ability to create, modify, and delete target Domino Database documents/data via GET and POST... but I want to make this as powerful and capable a solution as I can!

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