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Considering Theme Days for my technical blogging habits...

Yeah, I know there's only 6 days listed - I gotta sleep sometime! There is an amazing amount of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino content to push out there, but between basics to advanced to the theoretical, I'm considering scheduling via Theme Days to create some consistency.

See, I want to be able to discuss different things without coming across too scatterbrained while giving you an idea of what topic I'll be covering on which day, etc. Given that my post yesterday discussing NotesDocument Iteration in LotusScript has - at the time of this post - generated over 20 comments... I think diversifying the type of content you'll get on this site will wind up benefiting everyone.

That being said, here's a draft Theme Days schedule that I've come up with which will hopefully kick-off a storm of feedback from you (since I want this to be just as much your site and resource as it is mine).

  • Sunday: Theoretical Development
    Where I tackle the What if?, Sunday (most likely in the evening) will have topics on RESTful Web Services in IBM Lotus Notes Domino, XPage XAgents, no-View NotesDatabases, and the like.
  • Monday: Things we should know
    Working with Lists and NotesDocument Iteration in LotusScript and the like. Consider this topic that addresses the It's in Designer Help... but how do I use it?! scenarios.
  • Tuesday: Getting Started
    Each Tuesday, I'll have a tip or trick to help new Lotus Notes Domino developers get a leg-up on the platform that we all love.
  • Wednesday: Misc.
    I need at least one day to post some flaky something, from site news to book reviews, to whatever's on my mind at the moment.
  • Thursday: Audio
    Not podcasts per se, (but ya never know!) but some form of audio post discussing a topic. You'll be able to stream directly from the site or - if you're subscribing to my RSS Content Feed, you'll get them as enclosures.
  • Friday: Public Build and Project Updates
    I've got a number of projects - both community/open source and personal/for-profit - that are in-progress. I mean, wouldn't you like to hear the status of Dauth or App Lot?! ;-)
  • Saturday: Community
    From the in case you missed it to news on the global community...

This schedule is more of a guide that I intend on sticking to - if there is something that you must see on Monday, I'm not going to wait until Saturday to post it. I want this to enhance - not hinder - the content on this site.

Thoughts? Comments preferred so we can keep the discussion going, but feel free to email or DM me if you prefer.

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