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My Cingular 8125

Cingular 8125So I finally have it - the Cingular 8125, which is a HTC Wizard (100 Form Factor). Now, coming from a mostly RIM/Blackberry world, there was definitely a learning curve, but luckily there's some great sites out there with dummy-level walkthroughs to get this thing going - and going it is! From just a few minutes out of the box (and off of the charger), I was connected to my home Wifi network and seeing just how poorly this site renders in PIE. It's wasn't only a breeze to setup, but fast Fast FAST! In fact, the only issues I had with the experience thus far has been with Cingular themselves... which basically locked my phone until I could call in to accept my contract renewal (which would have been fine if it didn't keep telling me my info was wrong, which CS finally fixed by manually resetting/accepting. A few service book updates (note the Blackberry jargon) and I was good to go... and spent my evening installing programs onto the device from the comfort of my couch while a 2-hour 24 event was playing on the TV. I was in geek heaven!!!

As for the programs, I've already installed Skype 2.0 (using the Download Skype for 312 MHz CPUs option and not defining a device. I'm happy to say that it installed without a hitch (and I have no idea what I'm doing, so that's saying something) and I noticed only minimal lag - which will be resolved once I overclock the processor for Skype (OMAP overclocking. Next was AgileMobile's Agile Messenger, which just works very well.

So I've got my IM/VOIP warez flowing... and now I need to work on Lotus Notes/Domino synchronization.... which right now isn't setup. I tried to use Cingular's Xpress... which I gather is like their hosted personal/individual Blackberry solution. So I jump through the hoops, trying to get this to work... only to get a message that it's not compatible with LND7.x!!!

So I hopped over to Commontime to check out their latest mNotes offering. From the looks of things, they've certainly come a long way. Hopefully I'll get to set this up today, and get my email, calendar, and tasks on my lil' buddy!

Of course, I've updated my Wishlist with a few items that I'll need for this baby - so for those so inclined, feel free to buy my affection!

More later, as I can't keep my hands off this device!

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