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One of the issues with having a remote residency - IBM firewalls. Now, you can read IBM firewalls and think about the networking issues in taking half of the remote residency team who are not IBMers and finding a way to get them onto a single in-house Domino environment (not an issue when you're all onsite), or you can think of the logistics and "red tape" issues that would surround such a chore. Long story short, in order to do things properly we needed a single Domino environment that we could all beat up work on.

So I jump over to the BleedYellow Sametime community, and after a quick chat with Nathan and Whiso, Lotus911 quickly setup a remotely-accessible Domino 8.01 server for us!

Now, constant readers know that I have nothing but love for the crew at Lotus911 (something about "What do you get when you get the experts in the field together in the same room..."), but still... they never cease to amaze me with their commitment to the community and their eagerness to help fellow yellow-bleeders.

If you haven't already, go over to and sign up - if for nothing other than to utilize the Sametime community. It's not just the gang at Lotus911 but also other A-list community members that are just an IM away (I'm looking right now, to name a few, at Balaban, Elgort, Blatnick, Lynch, Pettit, Novak, Castledine, McDonagh, Bulloch, Elsmore, Stephen King....?!).

I can remember a few weeks ago running into an issue with design elements and a mal-cascaded template architecture gone awry. Within 2 minutes I had my answer, and it was 2 minutes because Whiso, Mike Smelser, and Trip had to wait for me to explain the issue in a 4-way chat.

Yes, I'm a fanboy... and there's no reason that you shouldn't be one as well! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a wiki to populate ;-)

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