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YouTube: Creating a $$ViewTemplate for your Lotus Notes/Domino Applications

The other day, a friend contacted me asking if I had a quick example of a $$ViewTemplate...

Just a few notes about this video:

  1. I'm using Jing Pro (the more astute of you may see the recorder at the bottom-left of the screen - thoughts on the quality of the recording? (Check out the HD version)
  2. With Jing, you're limited to 5 minutes - which is why this whole video might seemed rushed in some places. But having that 5-minute limit is good methinks as it will keep me from babbling on too much.
  3. ... it's allergy season, so mind the occasional sniffle or heavy-breath. Those in Pennsylvania this time of year know my pain.

  4. I'd like to continue this style of video tutorial as it was both quick and easy to put together and something that I think a lot of Lotus Notes/Domino developers can benefit from: a simple review to the basics.

Thoughts and suggestions -- as always -- are very welcome and appreciated!

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