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Twitter, Site Updates and my latest offering!

I've been using Twitnotes (currently release 1.0.3) for the past week or more, and a funny thing happened - I kept out of the blogosphere and pretty much out of my Inbox that entire time. Mind you, I really wasn't focused on Twittering all that much, but the Lotus Notes client add-on was in-my-face enough to keep me connected. In fact, my only contact with the outside world last week was through Twitter and the and Lotus Greenhouse Sametime environments. Project work (including something with IBM... but I have no idea how much I can get into that stuff here...) has been keeping me very busy at the moment. If you sent an email in the past few days, rest assure that I'm working through the list to get back to you!

At the very least, this might be an interesting study in just how effective a Notes side-bar application can be - despite my schedule I was still able to keep up to speed on the basic ongoings of the members of the Lotus Community (at least those who currently twitter anyways...).

But enough of that, onto the goodies:

Since I was so out-of-touch, I thought I'd make it up to those of you who kindly read my babble. Thus, in case you missed it, I published a new Notes Client Wizard Components application in the Examples & Downloads section of this site. RSS feed readers of this site would have gotten the update, but those of you who navigate to this site may have missed it. It's a few Design Elements that can be used (and modified - it's very vanilla) to create a content creation/maintenance wizard in your Lotus Notes client applications. I may do a formal article on the implementation of such a technique... when I get the time.

Those same website visitors (those who actually still use a web browser client to access this site) may also notice a change in the layout of the content in the right-hand column; I've added a "Contact Information" section as well as my 5 latest tweets. This pushes the "Publications" and "Examples and Downloads" sections down a bit, which I'm not exactly sold on as of yet. Another idea I had of displaying the 5 latest twitters was to create a 2-column layout where the current Dogears are today (under the latest Weblog entry on the index.html page), allowing me to display both said Dogears and the 5 latest tweets. The issue with this approach, you lose them once you navigate off of the main page. Mind you, I could have a dedicated webpage to both the Dogears and the Twitter updates... I dunno - feedback appreciated at any rate.

This week, I'll be working on Yellowcake, Zephyr, some other stuff, and hopefully getting a few things completed before the weekend. Here's to hoping anyways... ;-)

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