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Domino + HTTP Request Headers

I've put together a simple Page Design Element - based on comments/feedback - that displays all values returned via an @GetHTTPHeader call for each HTTP Request Header Field listed by the W3C.

To do this, I created a simple grid (took about 5 minutes) to show the HTTP Request Header Field name and it's returned value.

Domino + HTTP 
Request Headers Example

Blanks should not be considered "unsupported", but rather not populated at this time. We, as Domino Web Application Developers, can set these HTTP Headers (either through @SetHTTPHeader Formula calls or via hand-generated markup). This gives us an amazing opportunity for some really slick and functional application development should we start leveraging things like MD5 hashes and ETags to help optimize rich Web Browser Client experiences.

The Domino + HTTP Request Headers Example Page Design Element sits in Anonymous-accessible NotesDatabase on my Domino server - in fact the same one that I've been using to create the "Understanding the Domino CRUD API" examples and videos - so you should be able to play around with that.

See how feedback rocks?! ;-)

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