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The issue with series-styled posts on this site...

I start a lot of series on this site -- Mobile XPages for Smartphones and Tablets being one of the latest examples -- that never see their completed run. And there are two main reasons for that...

The first reason is a rather simple one to diagnose: ... I get bored with the topic. There is a very simple truth there. If I've done whatever it is that I've done, then I've fulfilled that driving need in myself. I also find myself making the assumption that if I could do it, really anybody can... and most likely have....

The second reason is where it can get a little muddy: ... I can't gauge the interest of a given topic. Just because something catches my interest doesn't mean that it'll interest you, Constant Reader. And with that in mind, the I'm bored with this because I was successfully able to do this and ohlookatthisnewshinything often outweighs the I wonder if anyone actually cares....

There are other factors of course. My Lotusphere 2011 coverage was cut short mostly out of a gobsmacking depression that set in and -- despite considering most in this community to be by very good friends -- a feeling of being alone that I just couldn't shake.

Some time during that week I lost my confidence. Hell, at one point I was asking a fellow community member if they thought I was out of line for attempting to answer a question during Gurupalooza.

In the weeks that followed, I lost my voice.

And I think once you fall out of practice of blogging it's amazingly difficult to get back into it... but that's true with any routine really.

So... yeah... I should really finish the Mobile XPages series.

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