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My Gear: The Jack Sack

While at developer2010, IBM Lotus developers and admins alike wanted to know where they could get my laptop case. That's because I'm using The Jack Sack:

The Official Jack Sack

This simple, olive-colored messenger bag became the much-desired accessory following it's debut on 24, where the protagonist (Jack Bauer) donned the rather roomy and functional bag to store C4, a Palm Treo that could instantly download any building blueprints or systems schematics Chloe could send OTA, and apparently even one of these....

Being a fan of 24 -- or at least I was until frogmen attacked the White House... -- my wife gave me The Jack Sack as a gift.

Outfitted with a simple neoprene case to protect my laptop (which also came in really handy as a makeshift pillow for my Amtrak train rides to and from the conference...), The Jack Sack continues to deliver function and "maybe someday I could be a covert ass-kicker"-edness that comes with too much time in front of the television and too many late-night coding on Mountain Dews.

Hey, it beats running around in a 2 year old Lotusphere 2009 backpack!

I've added both The Jack Sack and it's neoprene-helper on the official Amazon store. If you're going to buy it anyway (and for those of you looking for a new laptop bag, I honestly recommend it), might as well kick me back a few cents!

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