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Introducing YellowCast

YellowCast Tim Tripcony and I started a podcast at YellowCast, where the discussion is centered (most of the time anyways) around Lotus and community technologies and development. For example, in this episode, we discuss just what the hell DXL (Domino eXtended markup Language) is and what you can do with it while also discussing NDL links in our "mini-tip" segment (that arguably turned into a "not-so-mini-tip"), Connections, and news on Project Broker - the new RESTful Blog/CMS application architecture that we're working on for the community. Both due to the fact that this is our first episode and how impassioned we are... Episode 1 has a runtime of 1:49:00 and has already received a "listen with headphones" recommendation.

We've got a few more ideas for segments for the 'cast, including "Fallen Comrades" - where we interview an unnamed Notes guy who's currently mid-migration to Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint. Promises to be interesting to say the least! This segment was scheduled to be included in the first episode actually, but due to both our want of getting it out the door and our contact's schedule... well, expect to see that in an upcoming episode.

Feedback on both getting YellowCast and the content itself will greatly help us (since I've proven that I have NO idea what I'm doing in this arena).

So subscribe at Cast and let us know what you think - both good and bad - and we'll keep the episodes coming!

Lastly, I want to say a public thanks to Bruce, Julian, and Chris Miller, as well as anyone else who runs a podcast - you don't appreciate the amount of work required to make a single episode until you have to do it yourself. I liken it to speaking at conferences. Thankfully, our community is an amazing one, and Bruce help my pull my head out of my arse several times in the post-production phase. As always, you guys rock!

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