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Friday Fun: Ancestor Book Trailer from Scott Sigler

Frequent readers of this site should recognize the name Scott Sigler. He's one of my favorite authors, and has a knack for writing stories that are impossible to put down. The hard science horror author really delivers with his action-packed novel -- which I had the pleasure of hearing in it's initial podcast novel release -- Ancestor which goes on-sale June 22nd, 2010.

Scott just released the trailer for Ancestor, which made this junkie even more anxious for June 22nd:

(Note: This trailer contains gore and NSFW language. Use caution... or headphones.)

I've added a new category to the Amazon Store, Step away from the IDE..., and have added Ancestor as the first entry... as it's something that I can not recommend enough!

From my entry in the Amazon Store:

Revised from it's original publication as a killer podcast novel, Ancestor delivers in only the way a Scott Sigler novel can: you squirm, you look over your shoulder, you can't put it down! Hard science meets horror in this action-packed story that's the perfect blend of Alien and Die Hard!

You can pre-order the novel from the store, or directly from the author's site. If you prefer a local bookstore, please select one that reports to the New York Times Best Sellers List and help an author prove that the old ways are dead, and that giving away content and actually engaging your fans works!

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