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Trying out Digsby - IM + Email + Social Networks

Thanks to Tim, I'm trying out Digsby - a multi-service app that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Not only do I get (almost) all of my "online presence" accounts into a single client, but I get Digsby Widgets. This is an embed-and-play Flash-based IM solution that just works! Simple as that. No tweaks. No fighting with the technology to get it to do what I want. I like that.

So I put said widget on this site within about 2 minutes so that you, Constant Reader, can IM me should you feel so inclined without having to initially add me to your given Contact List. I await the anonymous "you suck, fattie!" with baited breath...

All kidding aside, if the "one [client] to [access] them all" and this widget weren't enough... the UI is UBER slick. Okay, I'll elaborate because I think that this is where the client stands apart from anything that I've seen in the past. Sure, when minimized most clients give UI Prompt notifications of various activity - we've all seen that before. What I think really differs the Digsby client from other clients I've used is, on IMs, you have the ability to immediately respond to said IM as they've included an input element in the Notification! Did I not tell you that this client has a brilliant UI?!

Digsby - 
As usual, Tim's spot-on!

Me too Tim, me too...

I plan on putting this thing through the paces over the next few days. I'm going to try and test out the GTalk VOIP feature within this client sometime today with Tim when we work on getting another episode out to our 3 subscribers, and will report back my findings. From what I've seen so far, I'm ready to uninstall Gtalk/Gizmo/GAIM/....

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