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How did you like the Flash demos?

Yesterday I tried something different (for me anyways): I published a quick demo of something that I'm cooking up using the Microsft Web Browser Object Control that I've been talking about these last few days. The difference with yesterday's demo was, instead of using simple images trying to show you what I was talking about, I used Jing and posted two Flash screencasts.

Now, the embedding was totally screwy, but I think that by using these screencasts I was able to quite effectively communicate what I was doing in less than a minute. More importantly, the prep work involved was around five minutes from the start of the recording to it's publication (while Jing limits you to 5 minute videos, it's a pretty slick little application).

But I'm not too sure - were the Flash demos as effective as I am assuming? What were your thoughts with the screencast? Should I have included a voiceover?

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