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developerWorks Author Contribution Program, Domino Wiki, and my latest article

My latest article and example utility - the Lotus Domino Java AJAX Proxy - will be published hopefully sometime this month as a wiki publication on the Lotus Domino Designer Wiki.

There it should find a much larger readership and hopefully become a more useful solution for those developers beyond the yellow bubble of our Lotus Online Community.

My publishing the article in the wiki instead of directly onto this site is only - I'll admit - partially due to the fact that I think it will get more eyes-on and evolve beyond v1.0 than if I were to publish it here. See, I get something out of publishing to the wiki.

After a quick exchange with Amanda Bauman ( ) - where we discussed the article topic, the specific versions of Lotus technology used, etc. - I had pre-registered my to-be-written article for submission to the IBM developerWorks Author Achievement Recognition Program! I am currently an IBM developerWorks Contributing Author, but working my way to the IBM developerWorks Professional Author designation.

So - to recap - I'll publish the Lotus Domino Java AJAX Proxy article on the Lotus Domino Designer Wiki, gain points towards a new developerWorks Author designation, gain readership and further my exposure in the greater global IBM community.... all for the same effort that it would take me to publish it on my own site. Well, on my own site minus the benefit of it being seen outside of the Lotus Online Community, which often has the you're preaching to the choir result.

If you have ideas on articles, run a blog/website and about to write a new article, or just want to contribute to the wikis that little nugget of how-to information that helps get you through the day, contact Amanda Bauman and see if you can't be greedy like me!

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