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Facebook: Vanity URLs, Blackberry Client Update, and Fan Pages

Friday night/Saturday morning Facebook - the most heavily adopted and active social networking community online (at least since the last time I checked) - finally offered vanity URLs. I jumped at the chance to grab Thus I've updated my contact information which can be seen on the right-hand column of the website. If you haven't done so already, grab your own vanity URL (and while your there, feel free to Friend Request me).

In the past few months, I honestly find myself spending more time on Facebook than I do on this website or across the other various social networking sites. This is due in part to it's flexibility and near-constant evolution as well as the limitations within my own weblog template.

Speaking of evolution, Facebook v1.6 for Blackberry just hit the Blackberry AppWorld. I'm installing it now and hoping that this release bridges the UX gap between previous releases and those on - for example - the iPhone Facebook client.

I'll play around with it later today and let you know whether it's worth upgrading/installing.

Something that is worth checking out right now is the Fan Page for

The thing about this particular Fan Page is that it's a solid stroke to bring the subject matter expertise and amazing content that's generated from within the little yellow bubble to a community that primarily may not know of the Lotus Online Community.

From the Fan Page, Yancy is pulling in the content feed. This will allow us to quickly and easily click-and-share content that addresses our own needs as well as those that do not actively engage the blogs, podcasts, news items, and other amazing content that's aggregated at

So go grab your vanity URL, fan page, and for the love of all things holy can you stop sending me Yoville requests?! ;-)

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