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JSFactory - Java, Lotus RAD, Sidebar Widgets, and $9.99. I'm surprised you're still reading...

I'm asked every now and then by people really looking to both use and extend what's available to us "Domino Developers" if there are online resources, books, or classes where they can get their learn-on. While there are some amazing books, a few classes, and one look at confirms the online presence... I'm a firm believer in learning-through-examples. It's with this in mind that I suggest you all to go check out Tim (he of YellowCast and all of the other stuff he's done that should burn his name deep into ROM...) Tripcony's latest offering to the community - JSFactory.

Tim explains what this simple-yet-powerful application does... but there's something that you get for the measly $9.99USD (and that's like 2 1/2 EURO with the current exchange rate?!) that Tim doesn't really get into in the product write-up:

Simply put, you get a fully functional application, written by one of the best in the business, showcasing how SIMPLE combinations of industry-standard technologies, Lotus Notes RAD, Java, and some other tools that are in all of our arsenals can address everyday business needs. The $9.99USD gets you the source code for JSFactory. For a price that's 1/3 the cost of most of the books on the subject, you're getting something that you can rip apart, dissect, and see how someone else - that's proven himself time-and-time again - gets the job done.

So, personal relationships aside (I can't stand Tim... <cough>prick</cough>), I can't recommend more getting yourself over to the JSFactory site, plunking down that whopping $9.99USD, and soak in the simplicity of genius.

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