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My opinion on the current OpenNTF exchange

I haven't mentioned my opinion on the committees and other current initiatives... because (as a contributor and a project chef) I have yet to contribute in the publically-available forum nor did I participate in the open conference call wherein the steering committee had begged for (and continues to beg for) contributor and project chef feedback.

See, I didn't want to weigh in here on my blog due to the fact that the steering committee has made it a priority to establish feedback avenues where we could all share our thoughts, ideas, concerns, and frustrations.

I felt that taking the discussion out of those arenas and silo-ing it in my blog would do nothing to help the cause, but act to instead simply drive traffic to my site... and would quite frankly come across as self-centered and elitist.

I would instead recommend that you check out the OpenNTF Forum that's been setup to handle these discussions and share your opinions therein. And I would suggest that if you wish to bring to the attention the current ongoings with the community, that your blog post point your readership to the forum.

That way, you're not only helping the cause - or at the very least giving it a fair chance to be understood - but also giving your readership the opportunity to contribute their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and frustrations.

That is... unless you're not into giving your readers all of the facts in your blog posts and wouldn't want them to form their own opinions.

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