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Something happened while testing Remote Console...

I have a BlackBerry 9700 - which is the latest device to be released on the AT&T network. It's the best BlackBerry device on the market today.

My brother-in-law stopped over the house this past weekend for my oldest son's birthday. He (my brother-in-law) has an iPhone 3G. Not a 3GS, or even an iPhone 4 with duct tape... but a 2-generation old device. After dinner (and cake), I asked if I could borrow his iPhone for testing my soon-to-be-released Remote Console app.

I was shocked by how much easier it was to navigate the application, how much faster it loaded (his iPhone 3G over spotty-coverage AT&T 3G, my BlackBerry 9700 cheating over WiFi), and ultimately how much I enjoyed the user experience of the iPhone.

It made me remember that my 9700 camera zoom wasn't working.

It made me remember that I couldn't directly upload video from my mobile device to YouTube.

It made me realize just how much I hated my 9700 for its thousand different little cuts.

I had made up my mind that I was going to get an iPhone 4 and swear off BlackBerry devices.

Then I remembered OS6 is coming. I remembered the new Webkit-based browser (which apparently rocks).

I remembered the upcoming release of the BlackBerry 9800, complete with the Palm Pre-style form factor.

The vendor is attempting to give what some might say is a dying platform -- despite it's hold in the enterprise -- new life with the addition on more globally-leverages technologies.

... but this is the last straw. If the BlackBerry 9800 doesn't address this consumers needs, I'm really going to push for the less-secure, more globally adopted by people I actually know, platform.

It started with a single app, but might end with me moving away from a platform I've used for years now...

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