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Google Gears vs. DOLS for offline rich Web Browser-based applications

Not that I'm the first to bring up this subject - a simple Google search for Google Gears vs DOLS returns a few really great articles and blog topics... but I have to wonder myself...

What's the best approach for a Lotus Notes-based application that you're looking to to extend to the Web Browser client that you want to also allow functional offline access? My gut tells me that there will be more web developers using Google Gears, and thus more published examples on how I can get the job done. Hell, just searching for DOLS on google brings mixed results while searching for Google Gears... Well, you get the idea.

I'll leave this up to you, Constant Reader: Google Gears vs. DOLS for a functional offline application? You decide!

The application in question? Well, I'm thinking about implementing this on my untitled Project Management and Tasking Application which I'll get started on as soon as the CMS is finished this week.

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