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Introducing Now() + n: Future Proofing your Domino Application Development

With upgrades being released - let alone implemented - a step or more behind the latest usage experiences, Web 3.0 UIs, and features that make customers actually want to use your solutions, the need to develop applications with a mind to tomorrow's standards and codebase is absolutely critical.

So what can we do today to keep our application development efforts more future proof?

In this series - Now() + n - I'll review what we have available to use today, what the latest releases of Lotus products and services allow, and what we can do to make our code and designs last far beyond a six month shelf-life.

I'll be focusing on the BX development environment, and I plan on discussing things from the various Design Elements that can be leveraged in the NotesDatabase. I also plan on discussing things like the effective use of Internet Site Documents and Website Rules, as well as eventually discussing the extension of Domino Applications to alternate onsite and offsite/cloud technologies.

It will be an ongoing series with no end in sight. The larger articles I'll cross-post on the Domino Designer Wiki, and I'd like to include some of the "richer" methods of content sharing - including video and screencasts showcasing the topic, and possibly doing some scheduled Q&A call-ins (recorded and published post-event).

If you have suggestions for topics to cover, please feel free to comment to this post or send me an email. Several people have already emailed me or been in touch otherwise with me - on topics such as Web-enabling a Lotus Notes Client application or extending the feature functionality to thin-clients, so that's the type of things you can expect from the Now() + n series.

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A published developer and webmaster of, Chris Toohey specializes in platform application development, solutions integration, and evangelism of platform capabilities and best practices.

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