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The most important thing you need to know about IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPages...

IBM Lotus Notes Domino 
XPages I think there's something fundamental that every IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPage Application Developer -- or traditional IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Developer yet to get into XPages -- should understand about XPages.

It's a concept that I think is far overlooked due to it's simplicity.

It's quite frankly something that -- once you get it -- will help you evolve as a developer and by proxy evolve your applications.

And it's simply this:

XPage development - like any other technology - is nothing more than a method for delivering markup to a given client type.

Once you understand that XPages (as well as traditional development techniques in IBM Lotus Notes Domino) ultimately just spits out text that is interpreted and rendered by the user client (be it Lotus Notes, a Web Browser, a Mobile Device Browser, etc.)... you start to realize that there's really no limit to what can be done with the technology.

Just like there's really no limit to what can be done with traditional IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Development techniques.

XPages just make it easier.

Need an example? How about this?

Don't establish a perception that XPages are capable -- or rather only capable -- of a subset of functions.

We are only limited now by our imaginations, and I happen to think I have quite the imagination!

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