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Breaking News: IBM developerWorks Lotus - New Wiki Home Page!

IBM Lotus Wikis Complete with customer and contributor testimonials and showcased Top Contributor and New Contributor profiles, the new developerWorks Lotus Wiki Home Page acts as a gateway into all of the IBM Lotus and IBM Websphere product family Wikis.

They even put a quote from some hack who thinks himself a guru of sorts:

"With technology, printed materials become dated before they're sent to the editor; improvement of application and technique change almost hourly. Content creation and community interaction--via mediums such as Product Wikis--are invaluable to establishing 'living documentation' which can evolve in tandem with its community."

The product wikis are an amazing resource to both customers, business partners, and even to IBMers who can quickly access best practices tutorials as well as a deep well of feature functionality for each Lotus and Websphere product.

This is why I cannot stress the importance of cross-posting article content: establishing the product wikis as an authoritative master resource for customers - be they product customers, the aforementioned business partners, or even the aforementioned IBMer - will do nothing but strengthen the product, empower the customer to extend their usage of the given product, allow the genius-level contributors to this Lotus Online Community to further establish themselves as subject matter experts, and ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Not contributing to the wikis today? You can use your IBM Sign-in and contribute something - there's a lot of room out there for contributions.

And if you're a blogger who is interested in cross-posting content - or anyone who has an idea for an article-length contribution - let me know and we'll chat - there's a Recognition Program eager to give you credit for your contributions!

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