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Things have been quite busy here - both with the Toohey family and with work. So much so, that I've got a ton of updates that need to get out there. So here's a few items of interest (possibly - I'm biased) that I thought I'd quick-blog about for a few moments...

First and foremost, we had two birthdays (3, if you count Holly - our Bernese Mountain puppy dog) - my two oldest just got a little older. Here's a shot of us, taken by my wife, right before we dive into our birthday cake:


Fun, and high amounts of sugar, was had by all!

Next, I joined Facebook (, delving into the pseudo-social/business networking world. I have to admit, I'm completely new to that end of the web - I don't have a MySpace account, as I never really saw the need (I have my own site; you're on it!). So we'll see how things go...

And now, for something that I think will actually interest you fellow geeks out there...

I put together a simple "utility" that will allow the export of data to Microsoft Excel, based on "Export Templates". Each "Export Template" holds an Excel spreadsheet (which I use for the "target template") as well as formula-based "metrics" which can either be configured to export data to a given cell (think Battleship) or simply export-in-order.

I have the write-up half-done, and the example waiting in the wings... but this is where you come in - how do you want it? Do you just want the components of the database - all ready to go - sitting inside of a blank database, or do you want said components in a dummy database, with dummy information, etc.?

I'll try and delay the publishing of the article until I hear from a good bunch of individuals on what the more beneficial way of getting the technique/example out there is... but if I don't hear from anyone soon enough I'll just publish the darn thing. That being said - comment away!

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