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Upcoming Apps: Tesla, Mailer, and Revolution CRM Lite

Upcoming Apps: 
Tesla, Mailer, and Revolution CRM Lite The silence on the site -- I haven't posted in days -- have been the result of some pretty hard work.

Most of that work, to be honest, was on a skateramp for the kids. Not only construction (which was done last week) but priming and painting... which I thought was going to be the easy part. It proved to be the most time consuming aspect of the whole project... kinda like the apps I've been writing, publishing, and selling lately.

Development of the apps is the easy part... but documentation (ugh) and actually selling have been, to be honest, a painful process.

... and I must be sick in the head, because I'm jumping right back into it; this time, with three new applications. Here's a quick summary of the new apps soon to be released on this site, their up-front low-cost per Domino Domain, and their hopeful release date:


How many times do you -- the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Developer -- fire up the Domino Admin Client just to Sign a NotesDatabase? Sure, this is fixed in DDE 8.5.2 (where you can right-click and sign directly from the Domino Designer Client)... but for those of you who are writing code in <8.5.2, there's an app for that!

Tesla, which I'll be releasing later this evening for $1.99, is a Lotus Notes Client app that allows you to quickly sign any NotesDatabase you have access to... directly from the Lotus Notes Client sidebar.

Tesla is targeted for IBM Lotus Notes Domino developers who either don't want to launch the Domino Admin client to -- let's say -- sign a newly-downloaded OpenNTF (or a recently purchased) NotesDatabase or Template. Works great for those of you without the Domino Admin client as well, so a team of developers can sign a NotesDatabase or Template with a production-level ID without having access to that secured Notes ID.


Based on Zephyr, Mailer is a user-friendly mass mail campaign management utility that allows you to create Dear <firstname>-style Email Templates and push Job Documents from click-to-integrate sources like the Lotus Notes Client Personal Address Book or even custom NotesDatabase CRM solutions.

Mailer, which I'll be releasing this week for $5, is the first true user-facing app I've published, and it's target audience is Marketing or Sales professionals... guided by Lotus-savvy IT professionals.

Revolution CRM Lite

Revolution CRM Lite is a self-contained IBM Lotus Notes Client NotesDatabase that will allow you to track business contacts, correspondence, and all associated documents. It's simple customer relationship management (or CRM) with limited Sales Force Automation (SFA) capabilities such as tasking and configuration-based milestone guidance.

Revolution CRM Lite, which I'll be releasing sometime next week for $5, is targeted -- quite frankly -- anyone needing to manage and track their project, team, or corporate communication.


And that's the current app pipeline from Thoughts, suggestions, and go get'em! rally cries can be shared via the comments to this post or directly to me via email.

... and now it's back to work if I'm going to get Tesla published tonight!

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