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SetViewInfo, RestrictToCategory, Domino Databases, FrameSets, and the NotesView

I can't honestly be the only person to need this type of functionality... so I'll post it to you, Constant Reader. So... here's what I'm trying to do...

Let's envision a dashboard-style application. Several "buttons" that will display views from several databases. Not too difficult as I'm launching each view via the old @URLOpen/Notes://-type Link combinations. I now, however, have a requirement for subcategories to be displayed. This is proving MOST difficult, as while I can open a given database view inside of my NotesView frame in my "Dashboard"-styled application, I can not get a subset of the documents to display - regardless of what I'm trying here...

If this was for the web, I could easily use the RestrictToCategory=... Domino URL Command argument, but this is strickly for the Notes Client.

I've also tried vast combinations of @UpdateFormulaContext/@SetViewInfo until my teeth bled - all to no avail.

So, I'll ask you - have you been able to do something like this before? Open Database 2's "AllBySomeKeys" view in a NotesView frame in Database 1 and show only a subset of the documents from said view? Wanna hear the really fun part? No Embedded Views allowed! Yep - this application could change at will, so the ability to change-via-configuration and not have to modify the target database views makes this that-much-more fun.

Not that I would take without giving back - check out, in the Examples and Downloads section of the site, my aforementioned Excel Export Example, for your RIP&USE pleasure!

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