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Facebook Fan Pages - Changes coming soon...

Having designed the HTML, CSS, and FBML Facebook fan/like pages for not only, but also the official IBM LotusKnows and IBM Lotus Technical Information and Education team... the news that Facebook is changing their Fan Page layouts just adds yet another item onto my to do list!

The changes, scheduled to go live August 23rd, 2010, are being shown to Page Admins when they browse to their page:

Get Ready for Your Streamlined Page

Starting August 23, we'll be simplifying your Page to make it easier to browse: 1) Boxes are going away, including the Boxes tab; and 2) All custom tabs will be narrowed to 520 pixels. If you have a custom tab, we recommend you visit your tab now for a preview of how your content fits in the new layout -- please make adjustments as needed. The rest of Facebook will see the old tab width until August 23. Read More

The HTML, CSS, and FBML markup that I used -- of course -- relied on the larger screen real-estate, and as far as I can tell the CSS overflow is set to none... which makes the screen appear cut off, and otherwise looking like crap.

Perhaps this is a good thing, as it gives us all an opportunity to revamp the welcome/default landing pages.

I'll be in talks with the IBM page admins of course to see if they have any ideas, but I'll give you guys first crack at it: what would you like to see on the, IBM LotusKnows, and IBM Lotus Technical Information and Education team Fan/Like Pages?

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