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Still trying to get @SetViewInfo to work - status update!

Failure... I'm close - so close - and that's the really annoying part! I think it's a matter of focus with the @SetViewInfo (and other like-View UI-commands) - the cursor/user focus needs to be on the target view for the commands to work - and that's what I'm missing here. And, after a quick look in the developerWorks/ forums, I find that I'm not alone here. Scary thing is, we tried the same exact thing - to no avail.

See - if you need to open a view from an external database (meaning, you're in Database1 and need to open a view in Database2) but you want said external view to show in your current database's frameset - well, you can't get there with Formula. If you could, you would hopefully be able to use the @SetViewInfo to trim down the list of returned documents... but I think I might have a hack/method of doing this until IBM (if ever) can address this functionality request. Sending a keyboard command to set the focus on the view - from Database2 - that displays in the NotesView of Database1 (if you're still following the example from above), and then running my @SetViewInfo-and-like code.

Now, when navigating a frameset from the keyboard, an F6 (or Shift+F6) will navigate from frame to frame in a Frameset. As my Frameset has only two frames, I don't have to worry about it - a single call to the keyboard's F6 should do the trick - so I used a modified agent to perform my F6-navigation through my frames. Now - here's the kicker - it worked. Sending an F6 keypress with this agent (modified to send an F6 instead of the TAB) sent the focus to the intended frame - but when I added my @SetViewInfo - that code seemed to execute before my agent could properly send the F6 keypress. So today, schedule-willing, I'll get around to playing with the timing of this and see if I cannot indeed get the F6+@SetViewInfo to work properly from a Frameset - I'll keep you all informed!

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