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Playing around with Jott, Custom Link Contacts, and Web Services!

I've been playing around with Jott later - which allows me to dial into a (free to setup and use) account, and either leave myself a simple message or send that message to one of my contacts. The coolest part - it doesn't send an audio clip of my voicemail, but rather transcribes (and pretty damned accurately I might add) your message into text.

It's pretty slick, and something that I've been using to take mental notes over the past few days.

Today - while playing around - I saw that you have the ability to basically create a contact in Jott that is basically a conduit to a Web Service! This means, with the addition of a few Domino Design Elements, I could easily create an alternate publishing source for content on this 'blog.

The Jott Developers Guide gives a pretty simple overview of exactly how this is done, and it looks like it will allow integration with any HTTP POST-enabed solution (and thankfully Domino allows POST!).

I'll play around with this over the next few days - around some major data architecture tweaks to Match Maker to get it juuuuuuuuuuuuust right - and report back my findings, as well as some code, for those interested.

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