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So @SetViewInfo and I are officially NOT friends...

So I thought I had it - my dashboard application was complete. I had actually stolen implemented the technique used by NTF - an ultra-slick hack to allow embedding a frameset into a form, but in doing so I find myself yet again at an impass...

My original architecture of this "dashboard"-style solution was simple enough - embedded views on a form that contained fields that were used as categories for the various embedded views. The problem with that, there was no user-configuration capabilities to allow them to add their own views to their dashboard. So, we move onwards...

Using Nathan's solution, I was able to easily design a user-configurable dashboard application - exactly what I needed... with one glaring exception - I couldn't display sub-categories of documents in the embedded frameset-based views. It again seems to be a matter of focus, as I have to rely on @SetViewInfo (unless someone has a better idea) to create a sub-category filter for the given view.

I even thought that I had gotten around this by (despite NOT wanting to do this) adding the @SetViewInfo in the PostOpen event of the the View I'm openning itself... but the @SetViewInfo seems to want to trigger, as far as I can tell, on the Form element instead of the actual View itself.

So today, schedule willing, I'll venture back into the thick of it and see if I can't get a hack going for this... as soon as I get a working solution, I'll post it here. After all, you've been reading about this for the past few days... it's the least I can do!

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