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So here's what I have so far...

So here it is - my surrender challenge to the community: Get this database to show a subset of the documents it can load in it's "embedded view". The real challenge - even if you get this working - do it so there are no modifications to the target views in question.

A given user should be able to simply point the database to a view and let their configuration handle the rest. You'll see what I mean when you take a look at the database. The database, you'll see, uses an embedded frameset hack that I, Chris Toohey, soley came up with - work of genius ain't it?!

Using Nathan's hack-foolery, I'm able to load a frameset into my form and feed it values - in a way. In order for this to work, you need to create environment variables and tell the frameset to calculate the frame contents based on that. I've made this one pretty flexible actually, done by only slightly modifying the code logic (see below) to build this example that Nathan first discussed on his blog. At the very least, you'll get a pretty slick (clean up the UI by ALL means...) representation of just how cool and flexible Nathan's solution is... but that's only one of the reasons I am publishing it...

Computed Frame Contents

Back to that challenge, get a categorized view to load just a single category in this framework. Sounds simple enough. Just so you don't go all half-cocked trying to implement the @SetViewInfo, both Nathan, Derik, and I have tried just about everything that we can think of with it - from putting it in the PostOpen event of the view to trying to send an F6 to focus the call in the "target frame" back when I was trying to accomplish this soley with a frameset refresh... but don't let that throw you off from trying.

The person who gets this will have bragging rights and the first round on me down at Lotusphere this year.

I should note that Tommy Valand got it with the frameset-only implementation - by basically closing/opening a frameset wherein you've passed the computed parameters and using the PostOpen event of the target View elements. Seeing what he's done, I'm not surprised he was able to do it, but I both don't want that "chattiness" on the UI client and the requirement to modify the target Views - this solution, which I'll post out to everyone for download once we get the kinks worked out, will act as a Dashboard application (keepin' the CIOs happy!) that you can allow your users to configure personalized to their needs. It should be pretty slick once it's done, and it'll be Open Source under the Creative Commons licensing... whatever that means - you'll be able to download it - rip it apart - and use the hell out of it!

Viewlinks Database 

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